Built on cutting edge technology.
    Create modern fulfillment process.
    Multi-Level Security, Multi-Lingual Support.
    Ultimate Workforce Efficiencies.

Unique Features

Optimized for Mobile Logistics Execution!

Customer Centric

Create the seamless experience your customers expect. Establish a leaner supply chain, accommodate a variety of delivery models and providers, in-house or outsourced.

Proof of Fulfillment

Logistics work with innovative technology, Real-time Visibility of entire supply chain.

Paperless Process

Enabling day-to-day processes within a supply chain and logistics company, shifting away from paper to electronic systems, from EDI to Mobile Execution.

Realtime Logistics

Real Time Logistics = Real Time Results, empower managers and organisations with accurate information when and where it is needed.

Beyond Customer Expectation

Customer service today is all about creating memorable experiences.

CargoERP platform, a powerful yet flexible solution of real-time visibility, and integrated processes enables:

  • Streamline the entire delivery eco-system.
  • Connected with customers in realtime.
  • Focus on quality and speed.
  • Total operational efficencies

Omni-Channel Logistics

Defining Omni-Channel Logistics : Omni-channel logistics enables you to deliver a consistent service experience to customer, regardless of the sales channel - whether mobile, web or retail, they will always receive a seamless service. The key is to operate as a whole, rather than in sales channel silos, you need a consolidated and collaborative supply chain strategy.

CargoERP Platform and Technology, provide potential Omni-Channel Logistics solution for logistics players, brand owners, distributors, combined with eCommerce providers enables you to exceed customer expectations at every level.

Built around a network of multi-dimentional logistics players, our fulfillment platform offering allows distributors to outsource their entire fulfillment and international logistics.

Real Time Cloud Tracking

End to end realtime visibility, improving productivity and simplifying supply chain software from shipper to carrier to customer.

Paperless Process

Logistics process has never been simpler, we strive to make the complexities of collaboration simple for companies of any size.

Tailored For Success

By combining cloud, mobile technologies, our services enables integrated process and rapid success with sure-fire ROI.

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